Best Antrim Coast Beaches

The Best Antrim coast Beaches

Below are a list of the best Antrim coast Beaches as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website. Obviously we think Ballygally beach is the best but then we may be a little biased! Most of these beaches are within a short drive (or walk in the case of Ballygally beach) from Ballygally Holiday Apartments.

Glenarm Beach

The Glenarm beach scored top of the list of the best Antrim Coast beaches scored it is a thin, mostly pebble beach, stretching for about 300 meters from a small river mouth and the village harbour at the eastern end towards the end of the village to the west. Sitting at the foot of the Glens of Antrim the beach enjoys excellent views of the surrounding hills and headlands along the coast.

The beach is known to be a good spot for fishing, whilst boating trips from the harbour are popular. The Glens of Antrim offer excellent walking terrain.

Curran Strand

Curran Strand forms part of a 4 kilometre strip of sandy beach, to the east of the town of Portrush. The stretch of sand includes East Strand and White Rocks beaches at the far eastern end. To the rear of the beach an impressive dune system that is home to a rich variety of wildlife. Behind the dune system is the famous Royal Portrush Golf Club.

The beach is now backed by a long promenade, making walking alongside the spectacular dune system easy. Along the beach, horse riding is also very popular, whilst water sports enthusiasts, particularly surfers, are drawn here for the waves all year round.

From the beach there are views of the Skerries, a small group of rocky islands off the coast. Lucky visitors may even spot porpoises out in the surf.

Cushendun Beach

This sandy, rural beach is set on a gently curving bay and is backed by the charming village of Cushendun. Many of the picturesque buildings in the village are managed by the National Trust.

On clear days there are views across to the Mull of Kintyre, which is a mere 15 miles away.

The Glendun River enters the sea in the village, at the southern end of the bay, where there is a small, sheltered harbour and a car park. There is a pub (once the smallest pub in Ireland), a chip shop and a tearoom in the village.

The countryside around the bay has plenty of walking trails and features beautiful Glendun. The ruins of Carra Castle lie a short distance behind the bay and there are a number of Bronze-Age standing stones here. Game of Thrones fans might enjoy exploring Cushendun’s Red Caves, where some scenes from the famous hit TV series were filmed.

Carnlough Beach

The quiet fishing village of Carnlough is set at the foot of the Antrim Glens. As well as a pretty harbour Carnlough has a pleasant sandy beach that stretches around the bay.

Towards the village end the beach tends to disappear under the high tide whereas there is still some sandy beach further down.

Whiterocks Beach

Whiterocks is a sandy beach, popular with surfers and bodyboarders, on a stretch of coast famous for its unique limestone cliffs, which have been eroded over time into a labarynth of specatacular caves and arches including Shelagh’s Head, the Wishing Arch, Elephant Rock and Lion’s Paw. There are plenty of shops and facilities in the surrounding area.

Giants Causeway Beach

Whilst it is a bit of a stretch to describe the Giant’s Causeway itself as a beach it just about qualifies and given its significance we didn’t want to leave it out.

The Causeway is named after the naturally formed interlocking hexagonal basalt columns that act as stepping stones down from the cliff to the sea. Legend has it these columns were placed here by local giant, Finn McCool, in an attempt to build a bridge to Scotland. Whatever the origin the Giant’s Causeway is one of Britain’s greatest natural wonders and Northern Ireland’s most visited attraction.

Ballygally Beach (Horray!)

We think our muched loved Ballygally beach is the best of the best Antrim Coast beaches. It is a small, sandy beach that is popular with both locals and tourists who come here to enjoy a paddle during the summer months and for fishing during the rest of the year. This is also ‘Game of Thrones’ country with some scenes being filmed around this area of the County Antrim coast.

At the western end of the beach, a small stream runs into the sea and the beach becomes rockier. Young explorers may enjoy searching in the rock pools for marine wildlife.

Mill Strand

Mill Strand is a golden, sandy beach looking west from the small seaside resort town of Portrush. The quaint old harbour is found at the northern end of the beach, which is backed by a long promenade for walkers and cyclists. Behind the promenade there is a large grassy area, a popular spot for a picnic with excellent views of the harbour and the rocky headlands of the Antrim coastline. The occasional porpoise may even be spotted out in the surf.

White Park Bay

Magnificent arc of white sand between two headlands on a relatively secluded stretch of the North Antrim Coast. The headlands provide some shelter from prevailing winds and on the right conditions this is a popular spot with surfers.

The beach and locale are a haven for wildlife with the dunes behind the beach teeming with wild flowers in the summer months. White Park Bay and much of the nearby coast are under the stewardship of the National Trust.

Browns Bay

Brown’s Bay is a sandy, crescent-shaped beach sitting at the northern end of County Antrim’s Islandmagee Peninsula.

The beach is slightly over 300 metres in length with a crossable stream running down the middle and into the bay. Thanks to its sheltered location, the water is calm and a good place to go swimming during the warmer summer months.

The beach offers excellent rural views, with the mountainous Antrim countryside visible on the horizon to the north west. Behind the beach there is a grassy area which is a good spot for a picnic or simply for sitting and admiring the surrounding views. A number of scenic routes make walking on and around the beach a popular pastime.

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