Game of Thrones Tapestry in Belfast

A spectacular Bayeux-style Game of Thrones tapestry has been created following the plot in Belfast

To mark the seventh season of Game of Thrones, a 77-metre long, Bayeux-style tapestry telling the story from seasons one to six has just been unveiled at Ulster Museum in Belfast. As season seven unfolds, new sections of the tapestry will be revealed each week in the build-up to the next episode, capturing key events from the previous week.

The tapestry brings to life the trials and tribulations of the show’s characters in its most epic and famous scenes, complete with blood red weddings, golden Lannister hair, emerald green wildfire, cold blue White Walkers and jet black crows. It has been woven by a team of 30 embroiderers from an enormous piece of linen supplied by Thomas Ferguson’s in Banbridge, one of the last surviving linen mills in Northern Ireland.

The campaign by Tourism Ireland is supported by Tourism NI and created in partnership with HBO. It gives fans the opportunity to re-live their favourite scenes, and showcases Northern Ireland as Game of Thrones territory to millions of fans worldwide. Tourism Ireland will share the new sections of the tapestry via social media, using a mix of cinemagraphs (“living” photographs), time-lapse videos of the weaving process, carousels and Instagram Stories.

An exciting feature of the Game of Thrones tapestry that is bound to excite fans is that it will feature hidden cameo appearances by a number of famous faces who have appeared in the show. Game Of Thrones has been filmed in Northern Ireland since 2010, and its lands of the Seven Kingdoms are filmed in the region’s dramatic coastlines, historic castles, monasteries and glens. Fans can use the app to link to pages showing where scenes were filmed and can also start to build an itinerary for their holiday to Northern Ireland.

Game of Thrones